Thursday, February 22, 2018

OT 18 sewing continued

Last week I showed you the two Origami's that I sewed, one of the patterns from the new One Thimble 18. Today, I am showing you three more patterns. The Footloose leggings by Thread Faction Studio, the Hickory and Spice Henley by Orange Daisy patterns and the Abby's Ballerina tie top by Wolf and the tree.

The leggings are a lovely versatile staple item. The pattern itself includes two options. One with a band under the foot, this option looks like a leggings with legwarmers. The other option is a capri length legging. I sewed both, the grey one is the full version, the purple is the capri length. The fit of the leggings is very good, not too snug, not too loose, just right. It should also be easy to have the full version without the foot option (my personal hypothesis that I have not tested yet). In that case you cut of the "foot" piece at the line for the heel and just hem it. I like the fit so much that I am considering just lengthening the capri version (with the use of the legwarmer piece) to a full legging. This way there is even more variation possible.

The grey top that my daughter is wearing is the the Abby's Ballerina tie top. With those ties you can variate a lot, you could make them only to tie in the back (short ties), to wrap them around the body (longer ties), use one or double layered fabric and if you leave off the ties you have a shirt with five different sleeve options (from long to sleeveless). I went for a double layered tie, this way the ties are neatly finished. After I made the pictures I realized I also could have made one nice big bow at the back or front with those ties. To top it off, the pattern also includes a cowl neck option.

In case you scrolled through the pictures you might be wondering about that Henley named pattern, well yes, I hacked that one. Having a functional placket gives you all kinds of lovely color block combination. There are some very cute examples of straight Henley's at the listing, but I just turned it into a round neck, which was super easy, I only slightly adjusted the neckband. The pattern piece for the neckband has a rounded edge and there is a marking of where the pieces should overlap in the front. Simply cut your pattern piece at that the marker length, and add your regular seam allowance for closing the neckband. The pattern comes with regular hem and ruffled hem, and I chose the girly option for my ten year old. This pattern has a more roomy fit than Abby's tie top which would also make it suitable for thicker fabric in winter because there is a long sleeve option as well.

You can buy these three patterns as seperate patterns, but if you are interested in all three it is best to buy the entire magazine* (that is already cheaper). Because besides these three patterns there are several gems in this issue. Like last weeks Origami and next weeks Spirit dress. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

OT 18 blog tour, the Origami sweater

Today, the new One Thimble, OT 18* is releasing and it is an awesome issue again! I have already made six outfits (consisting of ten clothing pieces in total) and I still have several things on my to do list. Due to the release of OT 18, the Pattern Revolution OT blog tour is also starting today, and I am on it. It was hard to pick which of my sews I would show today, because they are all lovely, but I chose to show you the Origami sweater times two.

The Origami sweater is the newest pattern by Misusu. Misusu makes unique color blocked patterns, I have sewed two before, the Louise (I made two) and the Dia sweater. The new Origami clearly has the Misusu style. It has an eye catching neckline that screams color block and apparently looks very cool with piping as well. I learned when I sewed the Dia that although it looks daunting, it actually sews together rather quick. I did use my sewing machine this time and constructing the neckline (clearly the most challenging part of the sweater) did not take longer than half an hour. I first made the sweater for my son and it seems that I sewed the inner collar pieces reversed, the higher parts are in the front, so double check this when you sew your first.

The sweater comes in short and long sleeves and can be made in either dress and sweater length. The pattern is designed for sweater fabric, but I sewed the dress in jersey. The pattern pieces for the bands some in two versions, one for sweater and one for rib knit. I am expecting a growth spurt on out eldest over the summer, so I went for a rather long length. The pattern itself would have a slightly shorter length if I would have gone with her current length.

My fabric stash is located on the second floor of our house and I sew at the ground floor. I am a rather lazy sewist (which is why I skip pinning for example) and if I take down fabric to cut it,I put it one the corners of the couch and it usually stays there for a few days (to frustration of my husband). If there is a pile downstairs, I will be extra motivated to use the same fabric again. Today's sews are part of such "lazy"sewing. I used the same blue fabrics just because they were there on the couch.

I did not want to make clearly similar outfits, so I screen printed fish on the blue fabric. I spend almost an hour coming up with a perfect print (walking upstairs would have been much quicker, I know), but in the end I apparently was inspired by the color of the fabric, the sea is blue right? This time I printed the cutted pattern pieces and for me that works best. In the past I usually printed and then had to come up with what to make from the fabric. The fabric in that case just went in the closet (because I do sometimes clean up the piles from the couch). I have at least three printed pieces in my stash that still did not get a purpose.

My son clearly likes the sweater, he was actually dancing in it. You can buy the Origami sweater as a separate pattern*, but by buying it as part of the magazine* you will receive many more great patterns and articles. And as a bonus if you sign up for the newsletter you will get a 2 dollar discount code for the magazine which is valuable for four days until February 19 (keep in mind the Australian time zone). Over the next three weeks I will show you my other makes from this issue. One of the things that is still on my to do list is this super cute makeup set.








Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Coloring the girls

Last week, I showed you the clothes that I sewed our son during the sewing weekend in October, today I will show you what I sewed our daughters. When we made the pictures, my son was in a surprisingly good picture mood, so he will turn up a few times today as well. This blog post is picture heavy, especially compared to the amount of words. All these clothes were created with patterns that were at least once on the blog already, and the I believe our middle daughter wears about the 20th Domi that I sewed, so I have not much to tell you about these items. If you do have any question in the end, just write me a comment.

After I sewed that Orbis for our son, I had a good amount of fabric left and I cut a hacked Foliis* for our middle daughter. I cut the front pieces at the selvage in an attempt to create a neatly finished bolero without closure option. It did not work out exactly as I had in mind (as is sometimes the case with experiments), so after the shoot I added one single snap to connect the pieces at the neckline (like with the Aura*). After sewing these two bunny pieces there still was good amount of fabric left, and she cut a sleeve for this awesome color blocked dress.

I wrote it before, our middle daughter loves the Domi*, so I sewed her a candy version during the weekend. I clearly developed a love for striped knit rib fabric, and this candy fabric combined lovely with this double pink striped rib knit. A few weeks after our sewing weekend, when I sewed this giraffe Regina, I made a Giraffe Domi from the remnants. It is such a grateful pattern.

After cutting that candy Domi, I sewed a Nivalis tunic* from the remnants. I did not have enough to cut long sleeves, but I found this over-the-top pink fluff in the "free for all" pile and I just love the result. She always gets compliments about this top when she wears it.

When you are sewing with remnants, sewing small dresses is often the best type of project. I therefore also made our youngest two dresses from the free for all pile. This blue dress is a heavily hacked Nivalis and the color blocked dress is a hacked Simple Dress.

I also sewed two pieces for our eldest, but she did come last this sewing weekend. I created a glitter high low tunic with the ADVT *as base. The Art Gallery owl fabric was from her stash originally. The last project that I sewed during the weekend is a good example of too much of a good thing. I also sometimes go overboard on my fabric combinations. She gave the good example of also showing the projects that can be considered a "fail". Well, this Orbis for our eldest is definitely too much even for me, but my daughter does not agree. She gladly wears it, and I believe she even has worn it too school...

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Color blocking the boy

I had two missions when I went on sewing weekend in October. I wanted to sew the Christmas clothes with the Michael Miller fabric hat I received through Sewing Portfolio's and I wanted to sew winter stuff for my son. My son has been having a growth spurt and he was in a need of long sleeves and trousers. Since this blog post I had been planning to sew him an Orbis, and during the sewing weekend I finally did. I also took the ADVT pattern* from Sofilantjes and sewed three crazy color blocked shirts.

Two years ago, I made him this bear shirt, but that one became quickly to small. I still had enough fabric left to make him the same shirt in a bigger size, but I did not feel like it. I was planing to donate both fabrics to the free for all, but I ended up keeping it myself. I used a French Terry remnant inside out to create fluffy shoulder piece.  The triangle fabric that I used for one of the Rugam skirts really made the combination different than the first shirt.

The Orbis* is clearly a great success. I bought the fabric at Textielstad and it has a white fluffy inside so it makes a perfect winter Orbis. It makes the ultimate "soft" trousers that my son loves. I also bought the fabric in grey and sewed him a Domi, which might also once end up on the blog. For the pockets I used a sturdy knit from the free for all pile. In our house blue combines with everything even it is has a bunny print, so they way my son shows his shirts today, that is also how he wears them to school. He really loves those huge pockets, he is not a collector but he loves to put his hands into them.

This Minion fabric came from Davina. There actually would have been enough fabric to cut an entire shirt from, but I just love color blocking. My son likes glitter and flowers but he sometimes fears it would be to "girly". In this glittery cherry remnant that I used on the sleeves, I saw the perfect color block with the minions. I told my son that the peaches look like minion butts and of course he loved the combination and explanation. The glitter cherry fabric also has a soft inside, so that also contributed to him loving glitter peaches on his shirt.

The last shirt that I am showing you today the wildest of them all and not just because it has tigers on them. I combined six different fabrics into one shirt. I really like how it turned out. Yes it is crazy, but it totally fits my son's style. I used her coverlock to topstitch all those seams with golden thread. Most of these fabrics' were donated to the pile by her, thanks again Davina!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Flora Dress

You know that I prefer knit over woven and you know that I have taken a step back from testing, but sometimes you have to make an exception to all your rules. Today's dress is the result on such an exception. When Elegance and Elephants posted their testing call last year, I just had to apply. The color block on the front, the no-closure fit and puff sleeves made me lose all reason.

The Flora has three color block options, three sleeve lengths and is available in dress and tunic length, making the dress perfect for any season or event. Due to the low back scoop there is no zipper needed to get the dress over your daughter's head. The puff sleeves are adorable and make dressing in this no-closure dress easier (more room to get the arms in the sleeves).

I am not a 100% satisfied with my combination of fabrics for this dress. I took the main fabric from the "free for all" pile from our latest sewing weekend. The daughter of Sabrina went from a color addiction to a black and white lover and this cute dark pink flower fabric had to go. My pink lover was of course over the moon with this fabric and she was happy with any other pink addition. For me the contrast with the bodice color (Cloud 9 fabric) turned out a bit off. My daughter obviously loves the entire thing, so I do not really mind. The next one will be in one fabric, the pretty examples of the listing easily convinced me of that.


Saturday, January 13, 2018


Last October, we had the 2017 second edition of our sewing weekend and I posted my projects of that weekend on Instagram (and that picture even made itself into my Best9). In a month, we will go on the first weekend of 2018. Although, now that the kids are bigger, I can sew at home while they are awake, those sewing weekends create peak production (last time I think I put in 20 hours of just sewing in one weekend). This means that after such weekends I have several unblogged projects that sometimes seem to never reach the blog. Today's post is about the last set of clothes from February that I had not shown you yet. I sewed several pieces of underwear, and in the weeks after, I sewed some more that I also added to this post.

From the sewing weekend projects that I did show, several pieces were made from scraps remnants that where exchanged during the weekend. This ballet suit's fabric was from the same pile. The outer fabric is the most intriguing jersey that I ever saw. It has splots of thick glitter paint on it. Katrien just had a small piece left, but it was enough to squeeze a body suit out of it. I actually lined it with one of her scraps, but that is not visible of course. This picture is now almost a year old, and you know how it goes with these small kids. The suit therefore already moved out of our home (and into hers). The pattern is the Alley Cat from Lil Luxe patterns.

From my own scraps, I sewed two pieces of underwear, a size 3 and a size 4 for my son. It is the Suat boxer pattern, and I was not sure which size was best for him. Therefore, I sewed two different sizes to find out. I sewed many, many more a few weeks later. Here is that extra collection that also contains some pieces for my eldest daughter. I really like the pattern (and used it here as well), and it will definitely go with me on the next sewing edition. If you need plans to sew with smaller remnants pieces, underwear is a perfect project.

The last piece of underwear that I sewed during that sewing weekend was a bralette for myself. I used the free pattern by George and Ginger. I squeezed it out of a remnant from when I made this dress. But the bralette actually required a bit more fabric than I anticipated so I ended up with a color block on the back.I am used to wearing under wire bra's so the bra felt a bit too "sport bra"to me. The fit is nice, but I had to get used to it a bit. For sure I will take a decreased version of this with me for the next edition to make some for my eldest daughter.